The value of understanding how and why consumers find, choose and stay with brands is crucial across all industries. In a world where we all consume quick fire communications through social media advertising, it has become more difficult to form intimate, long lasting relationships with consumers.

This is where Viewsbank comes in. We do the old fashioned research in a 21st century way. We forge relationships with our panellists through emails, social media and our blog, but the foundation of our purpose remains the same as it might have been half a century ago, and that is to discover why they trust who they trust, why they choose who they choose, and what influences or inform those decisions.

1. Tell us a bit about Viewsbank?

Viewsbank is our in house consumer research panel. Established in 2010, Viewsbank has over 66,000 registered members, and conducts both quantative and qualitative research.

Our Viewsbank panel helps our customers with a wide variety of projects ranging from detailed mystery shopping to demographically targeted research surveys. The research helps our clients make informed decisions based on true understanding of the consumer’s voice.

It’s a large, responsive and community driven panel that regularly provides a base line of 1000 to 2000 responses per survey.

Viewsbankers, as we call them, repeatedly cite the opportunity of learning about major companies, and to feel like their voice is heard as the main reasons for taking part.

2. How does it work?

Viewsbank is an online community made up of thousands of people across the UK. We’re able to organise our panellists by the demographic data that we have asked them to provide: this can range from basic biographical information, like their date of birth, gender, and region, to more detailed statistics – like what kinds of insurance they own, who they choose to bank with, and even what toothpaste they use should our clients require it!
In exchange for financial rewards and entries to prizedraws, members complete surveys and ‘assignments’ for Viewsbank. The longer or more detailed the project, the greater the reward.

In addition to answering questions online, Viewsbankers also conduct both telephone and in branch mystery shopping exercises. For example, obtaining in-branch quotes for buildings and contents insurance across several brands.

Whatever the project entails, once we’ve achieved the number of responses needed for a high quality output, our expert analysists get to work turning it into exciting insight for our clients.

3. What kind of insights does a Viewsbank survey produce and can you share some examples?

Our Viewsbank panel is incredibly versatile, from performing research on the average price of foreign currency at a given time in the week for a major high street retailer, to opinion polls on topical news and events such as Brexit, fracking and Prince George – you name it – Viewsbank can help!

One of the greatest strengths of the Viewsbank panel is its flexibility: whether our panellists are getting on the phone for us and recording their experiences of shopping around for home insurance, or simply leaving detailed comments regarding their attitude towards fertility clinics, they offer us a way to see the world through their eyes.
When a Viewsbank panellist calls an insurance provider, they’re doing it because they would have done it anyway – they call, sincerely, as an insurance customer, and they go about their call as they would have done whether or not they were paying attention to our questions.

When answering a survey, Viewsbank panellists often take the time to write considered paragraphs, sharing their opinions on anything and everything, from how to improve customer service, to how to make price packages more appealing. This level of honest organic integrity cannot, in our opinion, be underestimated when it comes to qualitative research.

4. Can you give us an example of bespoke research have you conducted for customers?

One customer wanted to improve customer satisfaction in the telephone insurance quote process, so we had our Viewsbank panellists carry out 5,500 mystery shopping calls across 30 brands.

We benchmarked all the results and worked with our client to improve their call scripts and process. Taking on board our findings, they conducted specific training programmes and their customer feedback scores improved.

For another brand we tested their new iPhone app prior to launch. Our Viewsbank panel downloaded the app, tested it and provided reviews to our client so they could fix any bugs before live launch.

Why do you need consumer research?

At Consumer Intelligence we believe that it is the businesses that adopt an unwavering focus on their customers who will survive and grow.

We make it our mission to help you achieve this by providing tools and services to enable you to better understand consumers’ attitudes and behaviours, as well as the means to analyse this data and take positive business decisions as a result.

Download our guide to 'Understanding Consumer Attitudes' to learn how our output goes beyond research and data to uncover genuinely exciting insights – invaluable nuggets that can help transform your business and your bottom line. 

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