Insurance providers are increasingly changing their pricing strategies on a daily basis.

Agile insurance providers will need a daily view of market price changes to not only gain an understanding of how things have shifted from one day to the next but also to inform trading decisions.

We can help you monitor these movements and understand how you need to respond to maintain your competitive position.


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Risk run daily

5040 k



Prices collected from 4 PCWs

1.3 M

Circa 1.3m prices per week in the database

Frequently asked questions.

What is daily price benchmarking?

Across the home and motor sectors, we collect brand data from the major price comparison websites to run daily quotes and provide insights into price movements to inform how these could impact client performance. ​

This unique service, using real risk data, has richer and more comparable risk baskets to allow for day-on-day pricing to ensure prices returned are genuine and representative of the market. ​

What is the collection methodology?

We know and understand that not every business has the same needs. Our services can be tailored based on the size of your business, the level of data available, and even the days, weeks, and months of this service can be aligned to your requirements.

Methodology summary:

  • 432 risks are run daily. 
  • Each risk is run on 3 consecutive days.
  • Prices are collected from all 4 PCWs.
  • C. 1.3m prices per week in the database. 
  • Published via online dashboards. raw data files, and insight reports. 
What is the length of the service?

You can choose between 3, 6, or 12-monthly subscriptions.

Which sectors do you collect data on for daily price benchmarking?

Home and motor insurance.

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