The most comprehensive, insurance consumer behaviour tracker survey in the market. 

Insurance Behaviour Tracker (IBT) provides insight and understanding of consumer behaviour throughout the renewal process, giving you a view of market trends, and brand performance.

It will enable you to make informed decisions, allowing you to build robust marketing and business plans and track results. 


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Identify opportunities to maximise retention and acquisition rates

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Understand the impact of customer satisfaction

Understand how your customers interact with you at renewal.

Our Insurance Behaviour Tracker informs business planning by helping you answer key questions about how consumers interact with you and with your competitors at renewal.

Frequently asked questions.

Who is it for?

IBT is an invaluable tool for companies within the General Insurance market and is used by brokers, direct insurers and aggregators.

The different modules available in IBT can be useful to different areas of your business. These are retention, shopping journey, NPS and customer experience.

Can I see the data at segment level, for example number of years NCD?

The data is delivered through an interactive interface, allowing data integration with dynamic filters that update the graphs to your selections.

How are the survey respondents selected?

A representative sample of respondents are provided with an initial questionnaire to assess suitability for the survey. Those who meet the criteria are presented with the full questionnaire. The questionnaire is completed and submitted online.

Do you provide the raw data for my own analysis?

This product does not provide the raw data. However, the data has been analysed and presented in an interactive tool that allows you to understand the customer journey through renewal, and those crucial considerations, shopping and buying behaviours.

What is the sample size and frequency of the survey?

The survey is conducted monthly and has been running since 2008, covering both the Motor and Home sectors. We survey a mix of those who are due to renew within the next three months, and those who have renewed in the past three months. We survey thousands of people each month.

What modules are available?

The complete data set version offers a richer view of all four modules and allows cross-module analysis. IBT is sold as an entire data set or offers four set modules, made up of relevant data covering:

  • Shopping Journey
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Customer Experience
  • Retention
Is the data anonymised?

IBT allows you to view and filter by brand. You are able to explore which brand the respondent was with an renewal, and who they choose to be insured with following the renewal process. Did they accept their renewal? Shop around? Switch? The survey captures detail of each of these decision making processes and behaviours, including details of the price comparison sites used at renewal.

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