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We are an insight partner for financial services, inspiring confident decisions that build consumer trust

At the heart of every business are customers. At Consumer Intelligence, we gather unique data and intelligence about consumers and companies to understand the market. Whether in the UK or in our other markets around the world, our unique collection of company data helps all the players understand the competitive landscape.


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How Admiral's £25 refund won hearts, minds and renewals

Top 10 brands for customer trust

Admiral’s move to automatically give motor customers back £25 during lockdown has been handsomely rewarded by a surge in brand loyalty and renewals.

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How different firms do credit

banking about trust

Not all credit is equal. Not all credit strategies are equal. In fact, not all credit has any strategy behind it at all… 

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Where could Aviva look for its renewed focus on competitiveness

Untitled design (11)

Aviva has exited broker panels and is preparing to roll out more products on PCWs. As a new CEO takes the helm, Mike Miskelly takes a deeper look at Aviva’s position in the motor market..

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Featured banking blog posts

How generation Z will shape the holidays of the future

Generation Z will shape the holidays of the future

Inspired by social media, paid for with multi-currency accounts and guided by digital apps and maps — the travel preferences of generation Z are are shaping the holidays of the future.

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Banks aren't converting brand awareness into market share

Banks aren't converting brand awareness

Our biannual travel money report reveals that although many banking brands are front of mind as travel money providers, none of them make it to the top ten most used providers. 

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Libra: the facebook revolution that the public doesn't want

Libra the facebook revolution

Most British consumers are suspicious of social media companies, and would be unhappy to trust them with their banking details, Consumer Intelligence data suggests.

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Ian Rowlands
Vice President of Partnerships at GoCompare

GoCompare - working with CI


Hadley Vernon
Head of Market & Competitor Intelligence at Direct Line Group

Consumer Intelligence provides valuable data, insight and consultancy that feeds into discussions and decisions in numerous parts of the business. The fortnightly newsletter they distribute provides independent thought leadership on the General Insurance market and is quoted by senior leaders in the business.

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Hadley Vernon
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