In just a few week’s time, we will be revealing the UK’s best loved insurance providers, as voted for by consumers themselves. 

Every year, our Insurance Behaviour Tracker – the largest insurance focused survey in the industry –gathers feedback from almost 50,000 insurance customers across home and motor to find out what they think of the brands from whom they have bought a policy. The brands that are rated most highly receive a Consumer Intelligence Award. 

The awards, which cover both motor and home insurance providers, are split into five categories: Customer Trust, Customer Service, Claims Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, and Recommendation by Customers.  

As the only industry awards voted for by insurance customers, the Consumer Intelligence Awards have the power to unequivocally state which insurance providers are the most valued in the market right now. And with so many competitive players across the market right now, the 2022 Awards might just make for the most interesting yet. 

Our research shows that consumers are over five times more likely to select an insurer who has an award based on real customer feedback, as opposed to a company who has won an award based on the opinions of industry experts. That's why the Consumer Intelligence Awards give winning brands a chance to publicise their commitment to putting customers at the heart of their business. 

This is an exciting time for the team behind the Consumer Intelligence Awards. We’ve received word from our analysts on which brands have made it to the top of the insurance food-chain for 2022, and there are some interesting newcomers to the leaderboard, along with some brands making a fiery comeback from a few years out of the top spot… 

With just a few short weeks to go until the winners are announced and their outstanding teams have been contacted, we’ll be keeping you up to date with the results, so keep an eye out on our blog and social media, where we’ll be posting teasers ahead of the big reveal… 


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