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Infographic: Getting Under the Bonnet of Customer Experience

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The interactions that customers have with your insurance brand, from online purchases, calls, claims and renewals all contribute to their sentiment towards and perception of your brand.


An excellent customer experience has great commercial value. The better the experience, the more likely a customer will want to renew.


But it’s not as simple as good or bad, and good experience means different things to different types of customers.


Understanding what is important to your customers allows brands to make the necessary changes to better their overall experience, gaining loyalty and trust.


Customer experience is one four modules available in Consumer Intelligence’s Insurance Behaviour Tracker. Based on in depth surveys with 24,000 motorists and 24,000 householders each year, it allows brands to track their improvement over time and benchmark against competitors. 


Using data-driven insights to pinpoint where to focus on customer experience improvement will ultimately lead to a higher number of customers who intend to renew based on experience.


INFOGRAPHIC: Customer Experience

Our Insurance Behaviour Tracker (IBT) is the most comprehensive insurance focused consumer survey in the market. It provides insight and understanding of consumer behaviour throughout the renewal process, giving you a view of market trends, and brand performance.


Benefits of the customer experience module:

  • Gain an understanding of how your customers interact with your brand and how they rate this experience.
  • Why do customers stay (or not) and by understanding what is important to your customers allows you to make the necessary changes to better their overall experience gaining loyalty and trust.
  • Allows you to see how other brands perform so insights into how to change your approach if needed.






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