Filing an insurance claim is often associated with stress, concern, and anxiety for policyholders. It is a time when customers hand over control to a third party, and this can be an uncomfortable experience. 

Claims satisfaction is a crucial aspect of the insurance experience that can make or break a customer's relationship with their insurance provider. A negative claims experience can leave a lasting impact on customers, while a positive one can strengthen their trust and loyalty. 

It is during the claims process that insurers have the opportunity to provide value and deliver satisfaction to their customers. Various factors contribute to claims satisfaction, including clear communication, helpfulness of staff, timely settlements, and the overall outcome of the claim. 


Celebrating success 

At Consumer Intelligence, we understand the importance of claims satisfaction and strive to gain deep insights into how consumers feel about their insurance providers. To achieve this, we gather feedback from over 48,000 home and motor insurance customers. Our extensive survey – the Insurance Behaviour Tracker (IBT) - helps us identify the top performing brands within the market and recognise their achievements across a number of categories. 

For the Claims Satisfaction category, we specifically ask customers who have claimed how satisfied they were with the claims process. This award holds significant weight as it can only be decided upon by customers themselves. Winning in the Claims Satisfaction category is an acknowledgment of the excellent service and customer-centric approach provided by insurers during the claims process. 

In today's competitive insurance landscape, it has become increasingly challenging for insurance companies to stand out. External factors further complicate matters, making it crucial for insurers to differentiate themselves from the crowd. The Consumer Intelligence Awards offer winners a platform to shine, as they are recognised and awarded based on customer feedback – a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. 


Top 10 insurers for claims satisfaction 

In light of this, we are thrilled to announce the top ten companies in the UK for claims satisfaction, as voted for by the most important judges – the consumers themselves. In the motor insurance category, Aviva, AXA, Direct Line, LV=, NFU Mutual, QuoteMeHappy, Saga, Sainsbury's, Sheilas' Wheels, and Tesco emerged as the winners. In the home insurance category, Aviva, Bank of Scotland, Direct Line, Halifax, Hiscox, Nationwide, NFU Mutual, RIAS, Saga, and Tesco claimed the top positions. 

These winners have showcased exceptional service and customer satisfaction throughout the claims process. By receiving this accolade, they can be confident that they are delivering on their promises and stand out as leaders in the industry. We congratulate them for their outstanding achievement in prioritising claims satisfaction and providing value to their customers when they need it the most. 


Motor insurance winners 

Direct Line  
NFU Mutual  
Sheilas' Wheels 


Home insurance winners 

Bank of Scotland 
Direct Line 
NFU Mutual 


The market lens 

When we view claims satisfaction at a market level, we witness an overall decrease in the average score for claims satisfaction over the last year. However, this won’t necessarily come as a surprise to most.  

At a time when insurers are grappling with growing incidence rates, ongoing supply chain issues and unprecedented claims inflation, it’s easy to identify the factors driving this trend. From a customer’s perspective, they are facing much longer wait times for repairs and are subsequently incurring hefty premium increases at renewal – it’s a challenging time to surprise and delight claimants and policyholders in general. 


The future of claims satisfaction 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an exponential increase in product tiering, with the introduction of more affordable "essentials" products to the market.  

Whilst these might be appealing to cash-strapped customers, these products have lower coverage levels or higher excesses. In fact, the Financial Ombudsman Service is bracing for more complaints next year from consumers who didn’t realise cheaper insurance premiums meant hollowed out products. 

This pending issue underscores the crucial need for insurers to prioritise clear communication and user-friendly policy documents. It is imperative that customers are well-informed about the extent of their policy coverage and any limitations it may have, as this will ultimately help manage expectations, prevent erosion of claims satisfaction, and ensure compliance with the FCA’s Consumer Duty. 


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