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Jill Holland
January 12, 2017

Top 10 Insurance Brands For Claims Satisfaction Voted By Consumers


When customers are choosing their insurance cover there will be considerations on price, cover options, and brand. Most won’t have experienced the claims service of the provider they are considering, and yet how the brand will perform at the real moment of truth is the whole purpose of the product.

Being able to find out how well a brand has dealt with other customers’ claims will help in making their decision and give them confidence in their choice.


Today we announce the top 10 companies in the UK for claims satisfaction and those who will receive our consumer intelligence award for claims 2017:

Top 10 companies in the UK for claims satisfaction

Motor Claims Satisfaction

Co-op Insurance
Direct Line
More Th>n
NFU Mutual
Swinton Insurance


Home Claims Satisfaction

Co-op Insurance
John Lewis
Lloyds Bank
M&S Bank
NFU Mutual

*listed alphabetically

Every year we survey 24,000 motorists and 24,000 householders

Every year we survey 24,000 motorists and 24,000 householders through our online Insurance Behaviour Tracker to find out what they think of the companies they have bought insurance from and their experience of being a customer. Customers who have had a claim rate their experience on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the best, and also give us feedback on performance.


These top performing brands scored an average of 8.8 out of 10 for Home and 8.6 out of 10 for Motor with the highest ranging up to 9.2.


The only way to achieve this level of customer satisfaction for claims is to work really hard all day every day in delivering the best customer claims experience and continuously trying to improve it and for your customers to recognise that. In particular making it easy and regular communication are really important to customers in a crisis. And that’s not easy to do.  Says Ruth Connor our Marketing Director.


Customers who were happy with the way their claim was handled said:


It was the first time ever I had to make a claim in over 30 of driving and the whole process was simple and very efficient.


The person I was speaking to said immediately 'Don't worry about anything, we will sort it out', and that was exactly what they did.


There was no fuss and no quibbling.


Dealt with claim with great empathy, all items were replaced within a week & emergency locksmith was out that day.

Opportunities to improve the experience for customers

There are a number of brands who fall outside of our top  10 who didn’t  fair so well and there are a number of areas where there are opportunities to improve the experience for customers. Overall one in 5 home insurance claimants did not agree that it was easy to make a claim and a quarter felt they had not been kept fully informed at all times about the progress of the claim.


Customers said:


I had to chase the insurance company every step of the way, they never contacted me proactively, and often said they would call me back with an update, but never did.


They were dragging their heels all the way, and it took months and months for them to agree to pay the entire sum I had been quoted for the repair.


We had to talk to several different people and this wasted a lot of time.

A danger that customers are changing faster than insurers can respond

Customer expectations on service are changing and insurers need to keep abreast of this to ensure they can continually deliver outstanding service.


For example in a recent survey we conducted, 76% of consumers thought it should take 48 or less to receive a replacement device if theirs was lost or broken.  Retailers like Amazon have raised expectations and there is a danger that customers are changing faster than insurers can respond.


To understand more about these changes, we asked consumers what they would want from their insurer and claims handling experience. They gave us 4 key areas for development and focus – which includes a clear message on the importance of service and the customer experience.


“What innovative idea would you suggest to insurance providers to improve their service?”

  • Use the potential from existing and emerging technologies
  • Develop agile, flexible products
  • Remember that price isn’t everything – experience is
  • Interrupt and re-route the consumer journey

We congratulate the winners and everyone involved in delivering excellent service to their customers.

Communicate trust and satisfaction

Awards voted for by consumers are a powerful way of communicating trust and satisfaction. 

If you are one of the winners contact us to find out how you can claim your award and receive details about displaying the awards on your marketing materials. 

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