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Michael Miskelly
September 16, 2021

Most consumers will consider electric vehicles for next car purchase

electric vehicles article sep 21

The majority of UK motorists would consider switching to an electric vehicle for their next car purchase, our latest Viewsbank survey reveals.  


Men were more likely to answer with confident ‘definitely’ (23%) than women (17%). A further 60% of female drivers said they would consider it, but had some reservations compared with 56% of male motorists. Only a fifth of drivers have ruled it out.  


The poll of 819 drivers in the UK shows that younger drivers are more likely to consider electric or hybrid vehicles for their next purchase than the over 55s.  


When we asked those who were against or on the fence about EVs, the top concerns were access to charging points, the cost of the vehicle itself and the inconvenience of charging during a long journey. 


Source: Viewsbank poll of 819 drivers, 19 – 21 August 2021 


A further piece of research, undertaken in partnership with TrendTracker, predicted the timeframe for mass adoption. A third of those interested in EVs expect they will be driving one within the next year, and over 80% within the next 3-5 years.  

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Source: TrendTracker/Consumer Intelligence report 


As well as petrol and diesel engine cars, the traditional ownership model may also be set to change. Nearly three quarters (73%) of our survey said they would be interested in a monthly all-inclusive subscription to an electric vehicle that covers all the associated costs of running the car.


Source: Viewsbank poll of 819 drivers, 19 – 21 August 2021 


The main reason for the appeal is that it would let motorists see how they get on with driving an electric vehicle (58%) and avoiding the up-front cost of a large purchase (54%). However, the plethora of car subscription services branching out across the UK will not just be stepping stones to an outright purchase; 46% of said they liked the idea of the simplicity of a subscription service and 36% the flexibility.   


The survey comes as drivers report a growing appetite for new car purchases after a subdued 2020.  6% of drivers are planning to buy a brand new car in the next year and 9% are planning to buy a second-hand car in the next year, while further 40% of drivers across the UK are considering buying a car.  


Men are twice as likely to want ‘71 registration plate, with 9% saying they will buy a new vehicle compared with 4% of women.  


The over 55s are the least likely to age group to buy a car in the next year, with 49% ruling it out completely. 


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