At the heart of Consumer Intelligence is the continuous drive to better serve clients. This ethos sparked the creation of the new Client Services team, which began to take shape towards the end of last year.


In Q3 of 2020, the split of the client-facing branch of the business resulted in the formation of two new teams: Partnerships and Client Services. Now, the Partnerships are focused on the commercial management of Consumer Intelligence clients, including sales, contracts, partnership development. The new Client Services team are responsible for the servicing of all subscribed services, including onboarding, insight delivery, issue resolution, growth opportunities, and value documentation.

Lisa Franklin, Head of Client Services, says, "This division has allowed the business to improve the depth of client relationships by increasing touchpoints. In the seven months since Client Services was incepted, the team has grown from one to three people. The key drivers behind the structural change were to enhance both the ongoing delivery of contracted services, and identify new areas to deliver maximum value for clients.

Client Services team

"We’ve taken on the management of servicing for all clients from the account managers in the Partnerships team. We’re focused on getting closer to our clients; driving market, consumer and competitor understanding, and identifying business opportunities. We are working on implementing a programme of Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with each of our main clients, and refining our CSAT process to get meaningful measurement of our performance in the eyes of our clients, so we can continuously learn and improve. At Consumer Intelligence, we want to make sure that all of our clients derive strong value from working with us."

The client Services team have outlined these core areas of focus:

  1. Client retention and growth – Through excellent client service, documented client value and increased engagement the team aim to boost our retention and identify new areas to support clients in achieving their objectives
  2. Issue resolution – Collaborating with the rest of Consumer Intelligence, the team aim to reduce the number of client issues. But where they do happen, learn and avoid repeats, and resolve them quickly.
  3. Engagement and satisfaction – The team will increase the depth and breadth of Consumer Intelligence’s network with clients, identifying ways to help them to get more benefits and value from working closely with Consumer Intelligence, and attaining client feedback to drive the development of tools and services.

Jo Cartwright joined the Client Services team at the end of 2020 as Client Services Manager. She says, "I love a challenge, and being a part of the creation of a new Client Services Team not only excites me, but gives me the drive to exceed the expectations of our clients. I love working collaboratively across our teams to evolve and strengthen the value we provide in the services we deliver, and I look forward to engaging conversations and guiding our clients through the intuitive data we provide."

Diccon Jefferies, also Client Services Manager, was brought on board in early 2021. He says, "Perhaps the most exciting part of this team is speaking with clients – getting their opinion on the state of the market, hearing what they have planned, and probing for opportunities (both commercial and strategic) to help them execute those plans. In truth, we’re here to make sure that our clients get great value from us at Consumer Intelligence, and help them to understand their position in the market to better execute on their strategy."


About Consumer Intelligence

Consumer Intelligence (CI) is an insight partner for financial services, inspiring confident decisions that build consumer trust. For 17 years the company has been benchmarking the insurance market and retail banks in the UK and beyond. The unique combination of benchmark data, consumer research and extensive experience has helped some of the world’s major brands focus on delivering better services to customers and improving their own business performance as a result. For more information, visit the website



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