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Michael Miskelly
December 12, 2019

Creating choice through product tiering and brand differentiation


The motivations of consumers shopping for car insurance vary drastically. As a result, giving targeted consumers a range of choices through different levels of cover or brands should be an unmissable opportunity.


Being a compulsory purchase, some are just looking for the cheapest product available. Others will see their car as a prized asset and are looking for cover they can trust and rely on. Some may be more persuaded by certain aspects of the cover, others turn their heads for a giveaway or have a better recall of brand advertising. A brand portfolio can cater to those varying needs.

Priced smartly, a single company can present consumers with a full range of choices while barely scrolling past the 5th result on a price comparison results page. And don’t be mistaken, the potential of brand portfolios goes far beyond a blunt instrument to simply block out the top positions.

Broadly speaking there are currently two portfolio strategies used on price comparison websites: product tiering and brand differentiation.

How do they compare and why are they used?



Tiering, if done well, presents consumers with a clear choice of cover levels and implicitly signposts why certain products might cost more, or less. It’s a simple formula that can help consumers cut through the complexity and confusion of buying car insurance. It also caters to consumers ranging from the cost-conscious to the cover-conscious.


  Example pricing
Brand A Essentials £90
Brand A Classic £100
Brand A Premier £110


Brand differentiation

Brand differentiation is more subtle. Price point and cover are nearly identical so you’re offering consumers the opportunity to choose a brand they prefer – potentially crucial for the consumer looking for a provider they feel they can trust. That could be because they recognise the brand, or because they feel a sense of affinity, familiarity or even security with making that choice, or simply because they prefer the aesthetic and tone of the branding.



  Example pricing
Brand 1 £99.97
Brand 2 £100.01
Brand 3 £100.06


Getting strategic

Simple tiering and differentiation merely scratch the surface, however. There a multiple variants and blends of tiering and differentiation with the opportunity to create smart choice architecture and maximise conversion potential.

There are multiple strategic levers available to pull, including:

  • Tiering up or down
  • Blending both tiering and differentiation
  • Strategic positioning of the strongest brand in the pricing hierarchy
  • Deploying specific products for target segments.

All of these have one thing in common: increasing brand exposure and the likelihood of conversion.

Optimise your competitive position in a fast-moving market

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