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Telematics: The Silver Bullet The Motor Insurance Industry Needs?


Telematics has often been cited as the silver bullet the motor insurance industry needs to throw off years of struggling to achieve a profit and return to a path of profitable growth.

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Consumer Intelligence Shortlisted For National Award


 We are thrilled to announce that Consumer Intelligence has been shortlisted for the title of Data/Technology Champion of the Year in the Insurance Marketing and PR Awards 2016. 

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How To Counter The Rise Of The Specialised Boutique FX Payment Provider


In the past five years, the world of payments has changed beyond recognition. Where banks once monopolized the cross border payments, associated fees and FX rates, a new market has begun to evolve.

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Irish Car Insurance Soars 32% With More Price Rises Ahead


Car insurance price rises are racing away with motorists facing increases in annual premiums of 32% taking average prices to €909, new analysis1 from Irish insurance market experts Consumer Intelligence shows.

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