Insurance Price Benchmarking

Competitive advantage is not easy to achieve. Nor is the market operating in a vacuum. Whether its pricing strategy, conversion optimisation or claims delivery, all performance is relative. Insurance benchmarking is the practice of comparing your key performance metrics with industry peers or similar operations, providing external reference.

With our background in price comparison data aggregation, we understand the transformative potential of gathering measurable insight across the value chain, and how it can be used to enhance performance. The desire to obtain and maintain a competitive edge in insurance, and indeed any industry,  means focusing on pricing agility, keeping a constant eye on the market and changes ahead. Factors are changing both internally – products, prices, resource, systems – and externally – regulatory, economic, consumer behavior and competitors.

So whilst drawing on performance reviews of KPI’s and customer feedback, finding external reference points can ensure that internal and external factors are a key part of the continuous improvement process and the drive to keep ahead. 


Price Benchmarking

Our insurance price benchmarking tools give you a uniquely comprehensive understanding of market pricing behaviour within the general insurance industry. Using brand visible data, it contains actionable insight which will enable you to make informed decisions around pricing strategy, based on your current competitive position across the whole market including aggregators.


Daily Price Benchmarking

Insurance providers are increasingly changing their pricing strategies on a daily basis. We can help you understand daily movements and understand how you need to respond to maintain your competitive position.


Performance Benchmarking

Based on data from almost 50,000 consumers spanning almost a decade, we can help insurance brands understand how to improve retention rates by improving customer engagement. From service to trust, we understand which levers to pull, because we know why consumers leave, and why they stay. We will get to the root cause of your retention challenge – and help you address it.


Additional Product Benchmarking

The insurance add-ons market is a rich source of income for the UK motor insurance industry, but with changing regulations, differing consumer behaviour and a wide range of insurer strategies at play, it is becoming increasingly difficult for insurers to determine the best approach to market for add-on policies.
This unique data set, focused on the motor add-ons market, enables you to benchmark your add-on pricing strategy against your competitors and understand the impact of the new PCW question sets implemented as a result of the Insurance Distribution Directive.


GIPP Performance Tracker

The implementation of the FCA's new pricing rules has fundamentally disrupted the general insurance competitive landscape. We can help you track changes and make confident decisions in response to the new regulation.


Data Mapping Diagnostic

Finding mapping inconsistencies can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We can help you quickly and easily identify and resolve mapping inconsistencies in your customer journey, saving you time and money.

PCW Question Set Monitor

The Question Set Monitor provides you with a comprehensive understanding of current PCW customer journeys. We take the stress out of annual audits by keeping you up to date with questions, available options and answers exactly as they appear on each of the big four Price Comparison Websites. Tracked over time, we are able to identify changes in these journeys and report these to you, so you can ensure your pricing strategy remains aligned.


 Insurance Benchmarking Toolkits



Market View (Pricing)

Market View gives you a uniquely comprehensive understanding of market pricing behaviour within the general insurance industry. Using brand visible data, it contains actionable insight which will enable you to make informed decisions around pricing strategy.

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Service Watch

Service Watch is the only independent monitor focused on insurance contact centres. We provide an independent view of the customer experience through your call centre, benchmarked against the market to enable you to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

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shopper behaviour and price deflation

Insurance Behaviour Tracker

Insurance Behaviour Tracker (IBT) is the most comprehensive insurance focused consumer survey in the market. It provides insight and understanding of consumer behaviour throughout the renewal process, giving you a view of market trends, and brand performance. 

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Benchmarking Articles


Empower your organisation to survive and grow in a competitive and fast-moving market. In this paper, we explore the current best practice in insurance pricing and give you some guidance about where the industry is about to go next.

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Download our report that draws on our experience in the insurance sector and examines the areas that we know really matter when selling insurance over the telephone - efficiency, service, effectiveness, brand and compliance.

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