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Question Set Monitor

Stay up to date with the big 4 PCW customer journeys

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What is the Question Set Monitor?

The Question Set Monitor provides you with a comprehensive understanding of current PCW customer journeys. We take the stress out of annual audits by keeping you up to date with questions, available options and answers exactly as they appear on each of the big four Price Comparison Websites. Tracked over time, we are able to identify changes in these journeys and report these to you, so you can ensure your pricing strategy remains aligned.


Business impact

Take the stress out of annual audits


Save time and avoid use of costly internal resource

Make confident decisions based on up- to-date information

Understand differences in question sets between PCWs

Better understand the impact on pricing

Stay abreast of competitor journeys

Who is it for?

This product is not only useful to insurance brands with annual auditing requirements, but also PCWs looking to stay abreast of the competition.


How does it work?

At Consumer Intelligence, we run quotes daily and therefore we are able to identify when these journeys change. The service accurately records the exact question wording and ordering, along with the  drop down options and available selections, and indicates where look ups are used to prepopulate answers. This detail is provided for new customer car and home insurance quote journeys across the big four PCWs, identifying the main differences between the sites. 

How can it help me?

The Question Set Monitor quickly and efficiently identifies changes in PCW customer journeys that have the potential impact pricing and mappings. By providing regular and concise updates, this service allows you to have complete confidence in your decision making at all times.




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