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Track insurance pricing movements faster.

Access your daily dose of insurance price benchmarking
insights using
our new easy-to-use online portal. 

Pricing agility has never been more important. 

Following the general insurance pricing practices (GIPP) directive, having the data and a full view of the insurance market is going to be crucial in understanding your pricing response. 

Insurance providers are increasingly changing their pricing strategies on a daily, or even hourly basis, meaning that having the ability to be more reactive will be key to your ongoing pricing strategy.

Our insurance price benchmarking service will help you understand daily movements and enable you to quickly identify pricing changes you need to make. 

Using our daily insurance price benchmarking data, you can:
  • Benchmark pricing changes each and every day
  • Identify new opportunities, such as whether to open up new footprint or target new segments
  • Access to additional insights on levers such as offers and incentives
  • Find answers faster using readily-built dashboards designed for brands like yours
  • Faster and easy-to-use online portal
  • And loads more!



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Track pricing movements, daily.

Agile insurance providers will need a daily view of market price changes to not only gain an understanding of how things have shifted from one day to the next but also to inform trading decisions.

You'll finally have the ability to make faster and more robust decisions based on real-life data using our daily insurance price benchmarking service. 

Across the home and motor sectors, we collect brand data from the major price comparison websites (PCWs) to run daily quotes and provide insights into price movements to inform how these will impact your performance. 

This unique service, using real risk data, has richer and more comparable risk baskets to allow for day-on-day pricing to ensure prices returned are genuine and representative. 

Identify new opportunities. 

Don't miss your chance to identify new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

Whether that's to open up footprint, identify new emerging brands, tweak pricing to be more competitive for segments that you aren't targeting, or to help you identify which players are competitive in particular blind spot segments. 

Our data is richer than ever and allows for a deeper level of segmentation that will enable your business to make faster commercial decisions to improve your trading performance.

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Make informed decisions with richer and more robust data. 

We know and understand that not every business has the same needs. Our services can be tailored based on the size of your business, the level of data available and even the days, weeks, and months of this service can be aligned to your reporting requirements.

  • 12 risk baskets
  • 5040 risks (40% increase)
  • Daily comparable risks
  • Daily release of new data
  • Branded data
  • Daily QC checks
  • 5 weekly run cycle
  • No dark collection days



Find answers faster in our easy-to-use online portal.

For the first time ever, you'll have access to your data and insights in real-time via our Power BI dashboard. 

The move to this new platform will enable you to know what's happening right now, and not just in the past. You'll have the power to find answers faster, allowing you to turn insights into action. 

Here are some examples of the types of dashboard views you can access right now: 

  • Daily view
  • Weekly view
  • Biggest mover
  • Top performers
  • Segmented views
  • Distance to P1 analysis segmented
  • New footprint opportunities
  • Quotability 
  • LOTT
  • Offers and incentives
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