Pricing toolkit

[fa icon="plus-square"] Online Direct Pricing

Improve your insurance direct online sales and profit by understanding your market position. Selling too cheaply can be as dangerous as not being competitive. Using this toolkit you will find out how you can improve profit and where you might need to tighten margins to increase policy count.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Forex Pricing

The global forex (FX) market is changing and banks and other financial organisations that were once the leaders have now fallen way behind the new market disrupters. New regulatory rules are released annually with a great deal more focus on ensuring customers are well treated and provided with an open transparent service. Regulatory investigations and fines continue to grow in both frequency and value. It’s time for financial services companies to start listening to customers.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Multi Aggregator Pricing

To be able to optimise your pricing you need to be able to see how you are competing on all the major price comparison websites (PCW's).  The multi aggregator pricing toolkit will improve your sales and profit by giving you a broad understanding of your performance across the market.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Telematics Pricing

Improve your sales and profit by understanding how your telematics price compares with other telematics insurance providers.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Telephone Pricing

Are you missing out on the most profitable customers in the insurance market?

  • Learn how to optimise your marketing messages for each specific segment
  • Understand your position in the market to win more business
  • Independently pricing claims to be used in your marketing

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Underwriter Optimisation

At Consumer Intelligence we are the only company to collect real price data from over 20 insurance brokers across multiple channels. We guarantee to be able to show you how to improve your panel by adding insurers or improving the price they give you or we will keep trying, at no additional fee, until we do.

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Service toolkit

Service toolkit

[fa icon="plus-square"] Telephone Service

Given the varying roles of call centres it means no one size fits all when it comes to maximising performance and delivering good customer experience. However in our experience one thing all contact centres do have in common is the drive for continuous improvement within their operation.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Web2Phone

At Consumer Intelligence we have tested what happens when consumers call with a quote from an aggregator's website. We know the strengths and weaknesses, and how you can use this insight to convert more quotes into sales.  Because of this we are able to guarantee that we can help you improve  your sales conversion or we will continue to work, for no fee, until it does. 

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proposition toolkit

Proposition toolkit

[fa icon="plus-square"] Offers and Incentives

At Consumer Intelligence we collect data from all the price comparison websites (PCW's), the cash back websites, directly from insurers websites and from their call centres.

This gives a unique and comprehensive understanding of all the offers that are in the market, refreshed once a week. If a competitor changes their cash back or brings out a new sales promotion you will know.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Question Set Monitor

At Consumer Intelligence we collect data from all the price comparison websites (PCW's), and directly from insurers websites.

This tool gives a unique and comprehensive understanding of the question and answer sets that are used across the market, refreshed once a week. If a PCW or a key competitor changes their question set or any of their answer options you will know.

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buying behaviour toolkit

  Buying Behaviour toolkit

[fa icon="plus-square"] Insurance Behaviour Tracker

Understand consumer behaviour throughout the shopping journey.

Insurance Behaviour Tracker (IBT) is a syndicated survey of insurance purchasers, measuring behaviour, attitudes and intentions before, during and after the renewal process.

It also measures their interaction with insurers and price comparison sites during the shopping journey.

IBT provides insights that help measure competitor benchmarking, customer acquisition and retention, channel management strategies and marketing activity.

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customer experience

  Customer Experience toolkit

[fa icon="plus-square"] Claims

Consumer Intelligence are the producers of the “Best Claims Award” the insurance industry’s only independent consumer satisfaction award.

For 8 years we have been talking to customers and benchmarking your claims process against the market. We have been able to identify what works, and save cost as well as improves satisfaction.

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