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Reality Check Motor Insurance


Improve customer perception, satisfaction and brand delivery through your contact centre by understanding your performance through real consumer experiences.


Open box. bw.png  What is Reality Check?

Reality Check allows you to see the performance of your own new business contact centre and those of key competitors through the eyes of real consumers. It provides an external view of performance, benchmarked against the market, to enable you to monitor service delivery, improve experience, and maximise effectiveness.


person.png  Who is it for?

Reality Check is an invaluable tool for insurance contact centres wishing to improve performance.


question mark.png  How does it work?

We collect insight from real consumers shopping around for insurance quotes by phone at renewal. They provide feedback on service delivery and brand expectations before the calls, on satisfaction and perception of performance after the calls, and on the final outcome of their renewal journey. Performance is monitored on ease of doing business, agent handling, sales effort, customer service, and allows brand comparisons to identify strengths and weaknesses.


plus sign.png  Why will it give you an advantage?

Reality Check will provide the customer focus in market benchmarking to help you improve contact centre performance, call handling and in delivering on your brand values.

Business impact


Monitor and improve customer satisfaction 

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Optimise call performance against

customer expectations

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Provide an essential external view in your

continuous improvement cycle

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Identify opportunities to gain a

competitive edge


Test delivery of your brand




What we offer you

Expert Supporttwo people.png

Dedicated CI consultancy service to assist you in getting the most value out of our data and specialist insights. 

Interactive Reportsscreen press.png

Access your data via an online portal. Data views include current and historic performance. Data can be exported to Excel depending on your needs.

Bespoke Analysisupward graph.png

CI can work with you to create personalised data and analysis
to suit your business needs.

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