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Pet Insurance
Behaviour Tracker

The most comprehensive, insurance-focused
survey in the market

Enhance decision making, performance monitoring and planning by understanding consumer behaviours, attitudes and intentions.

Pet is a booming market. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, pet ownership has risen drastically, with an estimated 59% of households in the UK have at least one pet. 

Whilst most people insure their pets, there is still a significant proportion that still choose not to, and our IBT data helps to understand the reason as to why, and what you can do to change their buying behaviours.

The Pet Insurance Behaviour Tracker is a quarterly survey, made up of 1,500 respondents - 1,000 of which are insured pet owners, and 500 uninsured pet owners.


Our pet IBT product can provide you with:

  • An up-to-date summary of the pet market
  • Knowledge of how aware consumers are of yours, and your competitors', brand
  • Who's controlling the market share
  • Insight into future intentions of uninsured pet owners
  • Information on current pet demographics

And a lot more.

Key questions pet IBT can help you answer:

  • How aware are consumers of my brand?
  • Why aren't pet owners taking out insurance policies?
  • How competitive is my pricing?
  • What reasons are consumers citing for choosing a provider? 
  • How are consumers behaving at renewal?
  • What are the future intentions of my target market?


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Business impact:

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Inform planning decisions on channel strategies

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Identify opportunities to maximise retention and acquisition rates

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Evaluate competitor strategies


Monitor and support development of competitive strategies

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Test internal assumptions



Understand the impact of customer satisfaction



Who is it for?

Pet IBT is an invaluable tool for companies within the general insurance market and is used by brokers, direct insurers and aggregators.

The different modules available in IBT can be useful to different areas of your business. These are retention, shopping journey, NPS and customer experience.


How does it work?

We collect data every quarter from pet owners, monitoring their behaviours, attitudes and intentions before, during and after the renewal process.

Shopping and purchase decisions are tracked at market, brand and channel level, enabling changes and trends to be identified and monitored.



How can it help me?

IBT informs business planning by helping you answer key questions about how consumers interact with you and with your competitors at renewal.

As well as how to attract new customers through learning about their pains with their current provider or why they have yet to choose an Insurance provider for their pet.