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Offers and Incentives


Optimise your product marketing and pricing strategies in a fast paced market by accessing a uniquely comprehensive view of competitor incentives for new customers across multiple channels.


Open box. bw.png  What is Offers and Incentives?

Offers and Incentives gives you a uniquely comprehensive understanding of competitor marketing activity within the insurance industry. Using brand visible data, it contains actionable insight which will enable you to make informed decisions around your own marketing offers and how you incentivise new customers.


person.png  Who is it for?

Offers and Incentives is an invaluable tool for companies within the general insurance market, especially brokers, direct insurers and aggregators.


question mark.png  How does it work?

We are uniquely placed to collect data from direct insurers (by telephone and online), aggregator and cashback sites to ensure insights and data are both meaningful and representative of market players. Data is visible at a brand level so provides you with an optimum understanding of product marketing activity.


plus sign.png  Why will it give you an advantage?

Offers and Incentives will allow you to optimise your marketing and pricing strategies across the channels in which you operate. This insight helps you make informed decisions based on respected and reliable data and will ultimately improve your bottom line.

Business impact


Optimise pricing changes by understanding

competitor activity and its possible effect on

your performance

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Track competitor activity over time and

identify opportunities to optimise

your own marketing incentives

target and arrow.png

Identify opportunities to increase your conversion



What we offer you

Expert Supporttwo people.png

Dedicated CI consultancy service to assist you in getting the most value out of our data and specialist insights. 

Interactive Reportsscreen press.png

Access your data via an online portal. Data views include current and historic performance. Data can be exported to Excel bdepending on your needs.

Bespoke Analysisupward graph.png

CI can work with you to create personalised data and analysis
to suit your business needs.

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