Horizon Scanning


Insurers are facing a period of unprecedented change as new players – from both inside and outside the sector – emerge, and consumer behaviours and expectations rapidly evolve. In such a dynamic environment, positioning for future success is a valuable tool for all industry participants – whether insurer, broker or aggregator.


Open box. bw.png  What is Horizon Scanning?

Horizon scanning is a proven methodology for spotting, interpreting and analysing emerging trends over a short, medium and long-term horizon. From strategy to proposition delivery, it creates a robust yet flexible framework to identify the actions needed to take advantage of an opportunity or minimise a risk, while keeping abreast of wider influences that might otherwise go unnoticed.


person.png  Who is it for?

Horizon scanning has been built for senior personnel of companies within the general insurance market, especially direct insurers, brokers and aggregators. It generates essential insight for strategy, marketing, proposition and risk functions as well as executive, leadership and board level teams.


question mark.png  How does it work?

After we gain a complete understanding of your business objectives, Horizon Scanning follows a unique methodology to identify and interpret future trends and the potential impacts on your business. Through a bespoke set of ‘lenses’ – including the customer – the insights help to flag areas of risk and opportunity and the practical steps to address them. It culminates in a ‘stress test’ of your existing strategy against a set of likely theme-based future scenarios. 


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