quotation 1.png The power of talking to customers is the realisations you come to about your proposition that you just didn't think about. quotation 2.png


David Baker

Principal Banking Consultant

Advisory Service

Consumer Intelligence’s advisory service provides a bespoke research, analysis and product development service for the banking and finance sectors.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that the businesses that can best understand and respond to their customers are the ones that will survive and flourish.

Our advisory team adopts consumer insight-led thinking to support the development of products, services and operations for some of the world’s biggest financial institutions.

This is achieved via a network of specialists which allows us to assemble a hand-picked team of experts unique to the requirements of each individual project or brief.

Leveraging a specialist skill set that includes consumer, digital and market research capabilities, we can work with you to design and implement a research and development process that provides compelling and actionable feedback and direction for your business. 



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We work with the project stakeholders to clarify the problem statement, hypothesis and KPI's, then produce a bespoke research plan. 

We work with the project stakeholders to clarify the problem statement, hypothesis and KPI's, then produce a bespoke research plan. 

We work with the project stakeholders to clarify the problem statement, hypothesis and KPI's, then produce a bespoke research plan. 

Stakeholder workshop

Declaration of assumptions
Problem statement
Business & user goals
Subject matter reviews
KPI / metric setting

Paper persona workshop


Qualitative Research

Contextual enquiry
Diary studies
Walk a mile immersion
Remote usability testing
Lab usability testing
Guerilla testing
Experience mapping
Touchpoint mapping
Focus groups

Quantitative Research

Primary research study and analytics
Data visualisations & reporting
Client data analysis
CI data referencing

Product Research

Persona Creation

Product/service strategy

User centered design (UCID)
Experimentation and iteration
Rapid prototyping
Service mapping
Value proposition
Feature priority (MVP)
Score and KPI's
Delivery mapping


 User Centred Design Methodology



Requirements Gathering

This usually involves a workshop with all the stakeholders and subject matter experts. We think it is important to start with the right people in the room so we don’t waste time later chasing requirements. We then declare our assumptions of what the problem is, who is affected and how we measure the impact. We make educated guesses that are later validated through research. This defines our working hypothesis and provides the project team with clear direction.


Quantitative Research

 Through conducting large scale studies (usually in the form of a questionnaire), we gather statistically significant insights that reveal product usability issues, uncover user behaviour and attitudes and identify gaps/opportunities within a market. We collect and analyses vast amounts of data, extracting the key insights and presenting that to the client in a simplified and visual manner.

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Qualitative Research

These studies are on a much smaller scale as the objective is not to generate metrics but to understand how users think, feel and the reasons behind the decisions they make. Through listening to their personal experiences or observing them in real world scenarios we learn so much more. We can ask follow-up questions that change the course of the study to get answers to questions that we would otherwise not have thought to ask. Methods include interviewing, usability testing (remote and lab based), walk a mile immersion and focus groups.




Personas are realistic representations of a product or company’s key users base. They are created using qualitative and quantitative user research to represent many people and symbolise user segments, not to describe an individual user. They help provide a basis for design discussions by focusing on user attributes and goals as well as creating empathy within the project team. We usually start by creating paper personas based on the client’s assumptions of who they think their users are. Then we validate these assumptions with real data.


Experience Mapping

Using insights from our qualitative and quantitative user research studies we create experience maps. These maps detail the holistic user experience of a particular product or process across all digital and non-digital channels. They show the A to B journeys of these users, capturing the highs and lows they feel while interacting with these products or services. The end result is a stylistic map that can be easily understood by everyone.  



Wireframes are simplistic representations of a user interface. They are great for getting feedback on designs (from client or user), and validating ideas at an early stage to ensure all usability issues are resolved before moving into visual design. These wireframes can be used to create a primitive prototype of the finished product to test with real users in a cost-effective way.


 Meet The Team



David Baker

Principal Consultant

David brings extensive experience and expertise in transformation and programme management with product expertise in foreign exchange, equities, derivatives and bonds to Consumer Intelligence’s advisory arm which supports new and existing clients with strategic decision making.

David Baker has worked with Consumer Intelligence across the globe over the past five years on projects for HSBC’s Retail Banking and Wealth Management and Global Banking and Markets and will continue to support HSBC’s international education proposition as its grows its client base.


Wayua Hogman

Senior Analyst Consultant

A quantitative analyst with over 15 years of experience working on trading floors of major investment banks, working directly with traders and middle office users to deliver high-quality projects into production trading systems in high-pressure environments. Practical experience working on Regulatory projects.

Personable, highly motivated individual with strong self-leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills. Practical experience of all stages of the full project lifecycle and a proven ability to deliver high quality, complex projects to tight deadlines.


Caroline Smith

Business Consultant

Caroline is a highly seasoned Programme professional, passionate about innovation and business transformation, with over 15 years’ experience within the financial industry delivering global, complex business, digital, transformational and technical change for financial firms including HSBC’s Retail Bank and Wealth Management, Royal Bank of Canada and Aviva Investors. 

Expertise in delivering innovative global payment solutions, offshoring and technical platform rationalization, as well as foreign exchange product knowledge.

Well versed in Agile delivery and often called upon to turn problem projects into successful delivery.


Phil Cornthwaite

Foreign Exchange Product Analyst

Philip is a solution designer and project delivery manager with 18 years of experience leading international teams in financial services and sales and CRM businesses.

Used to working in regulated environments, developing and delivering projects through an iterative and incremental approach, particularly using the Scrum methodology has been key to his successful deliveries.

A highly pragmatic approach and open, honest communication are the key characteristics Philip brings to his consultancy work and which he says make his engagements so rewarding.

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Cassie Best

UX Designer/Researcher

Cassie designs products and services with the end user in mind. She talks to these users to identify what motivates or frustrates them and translates these needs into creative solutions that fulfil business objectives. She is truly passionate about getting things right for the user and creating valuable products that are a pleasure to use. 

Cassie will lead our first XD (Experience Design) team working closely with CRE. Cassie has created web and app experiences for companies like TalkTalk, News UK and EE.




Tim Rees

QlikView Developer

Tim will support the development of data models within QlikView and QlikSense to analyze the data.
After six years broad experience in Consumer Intelligence which began in the Consumer Research Centre, Tim first discovered Qlik View as a user. Following his training on the more advanced features, Tim now works as a Qlik Developer/Designer
Tim is quick to understand concepts, challenges problem solving to find effective solutions, is experimental and good at prioritizing.



Monika Fryzicka

Education SME

Monika will be leading education space working closely with SME.
10 years’ experience in the education sector, overseeing research teams and project management for UK private equity backed and international investment in the British Education system. Monika works with top tier independent day and boarding schools in both HE and pathway providers.
Prior to this Monika was head of international education at The Times educational supplement’s consultancy division. Monika is supported by two education SME’s.



Peter Eley

University Marketing Consultant

A highly experienced, innovative marketing and student’s communications/student recruitment professional. Peter has extensive experience in developing and implementing successful international and domestic marketing strategies/programmes in both HE and commercial sectors.



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