New ground-breaking report reveals never before seen insight into the changing vulnerable customer landscape, plus actionable advice from former regulator, Michael Sicsic.

The issue of vulnerability isn’t a new one for the insurance industry – however it is one that’s yet to be overcome. Since 2015, the FCA has been calling for firms to ensure they act in best interests of vulnerable customers, while applying fair practices across the board. The FCA made it the second of their five objectives for 2020-2021.

Now, with vulnerability on the rise in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that the industry starts to act, and fast.
To support swift action, Consumer Intelligence has conducted pioneering research using its unique proprietary data to establish:

  • Who is “vulnerable” – how can they be defined?
  • How has the landscape changed in the past year?
  • How do vulnerable customers behave?

The research has been compiled into two reports – one focused on the home insurance market, and the other on motor insurance.. Both reports are now available to purchase online, or alternatively, you can request an invoice below.

Each report is £1,999 & VAT or purchase both for the discounted price of £2,499 & VAT.