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Motor Insurance Customer Engagement Index 

See who the top 10 motor insurance brands are for customer engagement based on over 15 years of insight and thousands of customer data points. 
“Customers who feel more connected to a brand are more loyal. This in turn drives profitability. In the increasingly challenging market with pressure on dual pricing, retention is the key to success and this is driven by customer engagement.”

Rajeev Aggarwal Managing Director, Advisory, Consumer Intelligence

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Engaged customers feel a connection to a brand that goes beyond a transactional relationship.

At Consumer Intelligence, we have developed a brand new, unique Customer Engagement Index that demonstrates how brands are performing at customer engagement.

And because the market is increasingly looking for credible metrics on how insurers perform against each other, we can reveal the top 10 most engaged motor insurance brands are in the UK right now.

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Why customer engagement? Isn't loyalty enough?

Using 50,000 customer data points, we have built a model that proves the link between customer engagement and retention.

As such, it has a positive impact on business profitability, as it saves insurers having to spend money to replenish the customer base switching to competition.


About Consumer Intelligence

For 15 years, we have been tracking the insurance market to provide valuable data, insight and consultancy that feeds into every part of the business.

Using 50,000 customer data points, we have built a model that proves the link between customer engagement and retention, which drives profitability.


Meet the specialists 

Rajeev Aggarwal

Managing Director, Advisory

As head of our Advisory service, Rajeev brings a wealth of experience, having successfully delivered transformational performance improvement for financial services players on a global basis, from strategy to implementation. He specialises in advising clients on growth, performance improvement, retention and customer engagement.

Marta Kedziora


Marta is an analyst with over 10 years’ experience in studying quantitative data and compiling executable insight from data. Previously involved in market research and employee satisfaction metrics, now focusing on research into consumer behaviour, Marta has studied the concept of consumer or employee engagement and retention for several years.