Market insight to empower PCW commercial team​​​ case study​ 




The objective

DLG’s PCW relationship managers need a view of how the market is operating across PCWs, to compliment internal metrics and DLG brand performance metrics received from the PCWs. PCWs use Consumer Intelligence metrics in commercial conversations with insurers. ​

We worked with the PCW Relationship Managers and the PCW MI manager.


The approach

Consumer Intelligence provides a weekly benchmark of offers & relative competitive positioning for Home and Motor insurance. ​

Monthly reports and calls focus on the PCW landscape using Consumer Intelligence’s unique PCW data set: which PCW’s are offering the best prices, which brands are winning, what are the value of price cuts, a view on consistency of DLG brands’ performance across channels.


The impact

Relationship managers are informed for commercial discussions with PCWs that use Consumer Intelligence “wins” as a data source. ​

Issues identified for DLG brands in quotability and pricing across PCWs that need to be addressed to maximise trading opportunity. ​

“Helps us to see how our offers are performing vs others” – Michelle Conmy, Motor PCW Relationship Manager.


The value

PCW Relationship Managers have market information on PCWs, competitors’ offer performance in achieving competitive positions, and ad hoc insight when requested to feed into the PCW Hub. Quotability/pricing inconsistencies being addressed in conjunction with underwriting.


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