Market and competitor benchmark of Motor APR strategies case study​ 

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The objective

To understand how competitors may be leveraging APR capability to maximise business performance.


The approach

We collected prices for all combinations of annual/instalment preference and returned premiums for the same risks on Compare The Market. ​

This allows us to provide an overview of competitors’ strategy for annual vs instalment customers, the impact of APR on leveraging competitive positioning and incremental revenue.


The impact

There is variance in the market as to how competitors approach customer strategies in this field. Some, like Admiral, vary who they quote for based on payment preference; others focus more on varying APR to create marginal, incremental revenue, and others are a lot more static. ​

Could DLG review their strategy and implement changes to APR or quoting logic to maximise commercial value?


The value

Significant changes to DLG’s APR approach need to exist in a post-B4C world.


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