Insurtech proposition validation with consumers

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The objective

An insurtech who were relatively new to market with their home cover proposition wanted to test a couple of versions of their proposition statement, in order to check which elements of the concept resonated best with consumers to support the product roll-out.


The approach

  • We ran an A/B test style online survey through Viewsbank of the different proposition statements, to test key metrics such as appeal, understanding, and positive and negative elements of the concept. We also captured data on consumers’ insurance context, including products they currently held and demographics, in order to look into responses by different customer segments and see which groups may have the best response or more barriers to using the provider’s proposition

  • We also asked panellists for spontaneous feedback on what stood out to them from the propositions in either a positive or negative sense, in order to capture where they may be challenges to uptake or consumer concerns which hadn’t been anticipated by the insurer


The impact

The research showed a clear preference for the framing of the proposition, and identified elements which may have been positioned as a positive to consumers as actually potentially being a ‘turn-off’ and so creating a hurdle to uptake. This cast a different light on the proposition framing and also helped to reinforce confidence in understanding which customer segments represented the best opportunity for the brand.


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