Horizon scanning case study

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The objective

Our client was looking for two things:

1. Understand how the changing consumer environment will affect consumers over the next 3 – 5 years
2. Prioritise key consumer themes and determine the potential implications of the top 4 – 5 themes on the Client’s consumers within their brand portfolio


The approach

With our capability to track over 155 technology, consumer, market and economic trends, we were able to add the client's own trend information in order to create a library of trends accessible by the client through a single access point.

We then applied our unique horizon scanning methodology to understand the links between trends to identify high impact emerging themes and ran a client workshop to prioritise the top 4-5 themes.

Each prioritised theme was developed further to explore and understand the implications across the future insurance value chain. We then ran further workshops with the client's internal stakeholders to ensure the outputs were using the right language and cultural elements before we were invited to share the final project results across the organisation including the senior leadership team.


The impact

The research completed by Consumer Intelligence has created a ‘house view’ of emerging trends and the work is being used as a core input at a senior level into their 5 year business strategy and investment priorities.



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