Aligning brand values with products and propositions  

The challenge

Our client wanted to know how customers and potential customers interpret and perceive their brand values. They also wanted to understand associated needs and behaviours to enable them to strengthen the link between their brand and the products and solutions offered. 


The approach

We used a two stage approach with a qualitative first phase leading into a quantitative second phase.

In the first phase we moderated an extensive series of online discussions to allow us to better understand how people interpret the client’s brand values and their needs in relation to these. The data allowed us to developed a hierarchical needs model.

Close client contact and a co-analysis workshop ensured that the client was fully engaged in the process and understood the key themes emerging as well as the iterative process used to develop the model.

A online survey was used in the second stage to quantify and verify the customer needs model developed in Stage One. A nationally representative sample was recruited from our in-house panel, Viewsbank, as well as being distributed to our clients customer base.


The impact

The ‘customer needs’ model developed by CI allowed our client to more closely align customer’s key needs with their existing products, services and communications materials – as well as providing a solid platform for the development of new products and services in line with their brand proposition. 


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