Growth Strategy


In an environment where margins are under renewed pressure, and the competitive landscape increasingly crowded as a result of emerging players, both large and small, achieving sustainable growth is a growing challenge. 


Open box. bw.png  What is Growth?

Encompassing product, service and channel strategies, this is our proposition to help insurers and banks understand how to not only grow, but increase their market share.  We have a vast – and largely untapped – reservoir of  customer data that can be leveraged to identify unmet or emerging customer needs, and opportunities to deliver a truly differentiated proposition. 


person.png  Who is it for?

Any function focused on growth: CEOs, Product line heads and strategy, proposition or marketing functions.


question mark.png  How does it work?

We start by evaluating your vision, mission and strategy and baselining current performance, including acquisition and the customer journey.  We use this to identify growth hypotheses and scenarios. We then assess each hypothesis to identify key initiatives to pursue, prioritising in terms of impact, cost or complexity.


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