Advisory helps clients address issues and capture opportunities based on deep market and customer insights.


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Using our tailored research, insights and forecasting capability, we not only identify issues. By also understanding what causes them, we turn this into strategic opportunity – and advantage.

We believe businesses that can best understand and respond to the dynamism of their customers’ needs will flourish. Our service gives our clients the tools to put their clients at the heart of what they do.

Leveraging a substantial network of industry and functional experts who can respond to each individual project or brief, we support the development of products, services and operations for some of the world’s biggest financial institutions.


 What we can offer



Horizon Scanning

Insurers are facing a period of unprecedented change as new players – from both inside and outside the sector – emerge, and consumer behaviours and expectations rapidly evolve. 

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Growth Strategy

In an environment where margins are under renewed pressure, and the competitive landscape increasingly crowded as a result of emerging players, both large and small, achieving sustainable growth is a growing challenge. 

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Customer Engagement & Retention

The key to driving profitable growth is holding on to your customers. Retention rates vary driven in part by price but customer engagement has an increasingly significant role to play.

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Performance Benchmarking

Competitive advantage is not easy to achieve. Nor is the market operating in a vacuum. Whether its pricing strategy, conversion optimisation or claims delivery, all performance is relative. 

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 Our industry focus


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Payments and FX

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Retail and business banking


 Leadership team


Rajeev Aggarwal

Managing Director, Advisory

Rajeev joined Consumer Intelligence in December 2017 to help lead the next phase of the businesses’ growth. He brings a wealth of experience, having successfully delivered transformational performance improvement for financial services players on a global basis, from strategy to implementation.

He is currently advising CI clients on future trends impacting the insurance industry, how to increase market share, and how to boost customer retention.

Prior to joining the business, Rajeev spent 18 years in strategy consulting with PwC and Booz & Co., where he advised many of the leading global banks and insurers.

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David Baker

Managing Director, Advisory

David brings extensive experience in product and programme management to Consumer Intelligence’s Advisory arm with specific expertise in FX, equities, derivatives and bonds.

In the past five years, he has worked with CI across the globe, delivering projects for HSBC’s Retail Banking and Wealth Management and Global Banking and Markets divisions. He is currently working with several banks on global digital payment propositions.

David’s former employers include ABN Amro, UBS and Morgan Stanley. He joined Consumer Intelligence in August 2017.

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