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An advisory consultancy service to help future proof your business

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Putting your customers at the heart of everything we do using our award-winning bespoke insurance and banking customer research, insights and forecasting capabilities means we can help you identify new strategic opportunities and address current challenges.

Whether it’s how the industry is going to change, how you grow your business, how you improve performance or how you drive engagement and retention, our insurance and banking advisory consulting service gives you a unique perspective of your world — from the outside in, based on actual customer data.

We work with some of the UK and world’s biggest financial institutions. Our multiple and global award wins demonstrate our ability and solid commitment to our clients.

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Consumer Intelligence believes that price cannot be the only significant determining factor used by consumers in deciding whether to shop and switch. In our latest report, Customer Retention in the General Insurance Market, our analysis has proven that retention is driven by price AND customer engagement. 

Rajeev Aggarwal, Managing Director, Advisory Consumer Intelligence

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Our services include


Horizon scanning

Insurers are facing a period of unprecedented change as new players – from both inside and outside the sector – emerge, and consumer behaviours and expectations rapidly evolve. 

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Growth strategy

In an environment where margins are under renewed pressure, and the competitive landscape increasingly crowded as a result of emerging players, both large and small, achieving sustainable growth is a growing challenge. 

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Customer engagement & retention

The key to driving profitable growth is holding on to your customers. Retention rates vary driven in part by price but customer engagement has an increasingly significant role to play.

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Performance benchmarking

Competitive advantage is not easy to achieve. Nor is the market operating in a vacuum. Whether its pricing strategy, conversion optimisation or claims delivery, all performance is relative. 

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Our industry focus 

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[WHITEPAPER] Generating profitable growth through customer retention

differentiates brands that win

With the overall size of the UK general insurance market remaining relatively flat over the past few years, insurers recognise that growth for individual brands must primarily come from taking market share from other brands whilst maximising the retention of their existing customer base.

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Meet the specialists

Rajeev Aggarwal

Managing Director, Advisory

Rajeev joined Consumer Intelligence in December 2017 to help lead the next phase of the businesses’ growth. He brings a wealth of experience, having successfully delivered transformational performance improvement for financial services players on a global basis, from strategy to implementation.

He is currently advising CI clients on future trends impacting the insurance industry, how to increase market share, and how to boost customer retention.

Leigh Calton

Senior Consultant

Leigh is an experienced insurance industry marketer and strategist, specialising in future-proofing organisations by providing strategic and operational frameworks for dynamic and sustainable growth.  He has worked across life and pensions, private healthcare and general insurance, holding senior roles in digital strategy, customer segmentation, marketing, data analytics, research and proposition development.

He joined Consumer Intelligence in February 2018.


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