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Travel Insurance Market View


Optimise your competitive position in a fast-moving market by accessing uniquely comprehensive and market leading travel insurance pricing insights.


Open box. bw.png  What is Market View?

Market View gives you a uniquely comprehensive understanding of market pricing behaviour within the travel insurance industry. Using brand visible data, it contains actionable insight which will enable you to make informed decisions around pricing strategy, based on your current competitive position within both the direct and PCW market.

Market View covers the whole market including Home, Life, Motor, Motorbike, Pet, Travel and Van


person.png  Who is it for?

Market View is an invaluable tool for companies within the General Insurance market, especially brokers, direct insurers and aggregators.


question mark.png  How does it work?

Consumer Intelligence is uniquely placed to collect data from direct insurers and aggregators to ensure its insights and data are meaningful. All brand data is visible, so provides you with an optimum understanding of your market position.


plus sign.png  Why will it give you an advantage?

Market View will allow you to optimise your pricing strategy across the channels in which you operate. Make informed decisions based on respected and reliable data which will improve your bottom line.

Business impact


Maximise pricing changes by benchmarking

your performance against competitors

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Identify opportunities to increase your


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Identify opportunities to increase your



Gain confidence in your pricing position
against the market


Open box. bw.png  Upgrade June 2019

Our improved travel price benchmarking  tool provides a unique view of the travel insurance market giving our customers the ability to benchmark themselves against their peer group and provides information which can be used to inform their pricing strategy.

  • Why is it better?

Our Improved toolkit now includes data collated from the PCW channel and an increase in sites used within the Direct channel so provides a more rounded view of pricing within the whole market.  In addition to widening our channels we have also increased the volume of risks run in our monthly collection. By increasing the batch from 200 to 500 risks, our sample sizes are even more robust and allow for a deeper dive into our data and insights.

  • What are the benefits? 

Our data will allow you to identify opportunities to increase your competitiveness by benchmarking you against your peers. Understanding who and where you competition are, allows you to make pricing decisions to capitalise on attracting new customers. Tracking market and competitor movements will also help inform and or validate your pricing strategy. You can track competitive demographics and target these via marketing channels.



What we offer you

Expert Supporttwo people.png

Dedicated CI consultancy service to assist you in getting the most value out of our data and specialist insights. 

Interactive Reportsscreen press.png

Access your data via an intuitive online portal. Data views, including competitive ranking, underwriting performance and average premiums, can be customised and saved, as well as exported to Excel depending on your needs. These reports can be delivered weekly or monthly.

Raw datapencil and paper.png

Excel spreadsheets show you annual price and, where relevant, compulsory and voluntary excess values for each insurer on the market.

Price Claim Messagescurrency in speech bubble.png

Files detailing a range of price claims that comply with ASA and FCA standards, allowing you to use them for marketing messages.

Bespoke Analysisupward graph.png

CI can work with you to create personalised data and analysis to suit your business needs.


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