Insurance and retail banking consultants

The unique insight into your market and consumer along with the support to help you grow and protect your customer base and stay compliant.

At the heart of every business is customers.  At Consumer Intelligence we gather unique data and intelligence about consumers and companies to help you understand the market. 

Whether in the UK or in our around the world, our unique collection of data helps you understand your competitive landscape.  We blend this with our consumer research, so we know what people are selling and we know what people are buying. 

Put those two things together and the magic begins.




Retail Banking research

The financial services industry is full of challenges but equally, of possibilities. It is the age of customer centricity and increased competition. Meanwhile, seismic changes in regulatory requirements are sweeping across the globe, while fintech propositions continue to gain traction, threatening to disrupt the status quo. 

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General Insurance research

The insurance market is experiencing a time of unprecedented change, impacting across the value chain. While big ticket regulation and decades of legacy curtails general insurers’ ability to rapidly innovate, the insurtech waves continue to rise and spread — intensifying competition and putting under even greater strain incumbents’ already wafer-thin margins.

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