The Prepaid Card Market

With the threat of terrorism, political un-settlement and Brexit the levels of consumer uncertainty has been high the last couple of years.

There has probably never been a more challenging time in terms of monitoring external forces and re-balancing your prepaid card strategy as a result. 

Consumer Intelligence has been helping our clients see the world through the eyes of their customers with our unique combination of consumer insight and competitive analysis. Share your challenges with us and we will get back to you to discuss how Consumer Intelligence can help you. 


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Increasing Your Market Share

So you’ve gained a customer who has a piece of your plastic in his or her wallet, but that’s no good if it just stays there.

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The Boom In Prepaid Cards For Kids

Loading foreign money onto prepaid cards in order to take it travelling is only a small part of the foreign exchange market.

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What's Putting Consumers Off?

Using a prepaid travel card to take foreign money abroad has many advantages, from security to the possibility of good rates. 

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To get a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by prepaid travel card providers, Consumer Intelligence surveyed 1,087 consumers. The results highlight the importance of convenience and a strong up-sell strategy over competitive exchange rates.


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Andy has over 20 years’ experience within the financial services sector and has worked predominantly within the FX, Wholesale bank notes and pre-paid industries.

In previous roles Andy has managed key relationships with many of the leading Financial institutions including Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, American Express, RBS and Travelex.

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