Improvements to our Insurance Behaviour Tracker


Securing the future for consumer behaviour insights

At the heart of every business are its customers. Thanks to the insights provided by our Insurance Behaviour Tracker (IBT), we have spent the last ten years successfully helping our clients in the insurance sector understand how their customers behave to enable them to create and execute great customer strategies.


Open box. bw.png  What is IBT and why are we making changes?

 IBT is the most comprehensive insurance focussed consumer survey in the market. It provides insight and understanding of consumer behaviour throughout the renewal process, giving you a view of market trends, and brand performance. With IBT hitting this milestone year, we decided it was time give it a full makeover.

When IBT was launched in 2008, few people had an iPhone, and Facebook and Twitter were still not mainstream. Much has changed in ten years, so now it’s time for IBT to evolve to meet the challenges of this new world.

person.png  Feedback we received from IBT users highlighted two areas requiring development: 

             — A redesign of the platform interface to improve the user experience 

             — A review of the survey to ensure it is up to date and in the best shape

By making a major investment in IBT, we have been able to secure the future of the platform and ensure it continues to deliver the right high-quality insight and user experience for many years to come.


question mark.png  When will the updates be rolled out?

The updates to the platform interface have now been revealed to IBT users, with the first wave of new data, and more coming online later in the month.



What are the business impacts?

person with arrows-1.png

Inform planning decisions

on channel strategies

 light bulb with arrows.png

Identify opportunities to maximise retention and acquisition rates

magnify and graph.png
Evaluate competitor strategies

Monitor and support development of
competitive strategies

 speech bubble with dots.png
Test internal assumptions

Understand the impact of
customer satisfaction

What we offer you

Expert Supporttwo people.png

Dedicated CI consultancy service to assist you in getting the most value out of our data and specialist insights. 

Interactive Reportsscreen press.png

Access your data via an online portal. Data views include current and historic performance. Data can be exported to Excel depending on your needs.

Bespoke Analysisupward graph.png

CI can work with you to create personalised data and analysis to suit your business needs.


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