Growing And Protecting Your Market Share

Download the infographic to get the typical year in travel planning tool:

typical year in travel money.jpg

75% of travel money transactions are conducted between April and September. Over 80% of consumers buy their currency in advance but 43% of consumers will buy it in last few weeks before they travel. And when they do buy, 54% of consumers accept the first deal they are offered.

So given these market dynamics, how can you best protect and grow your market share during this crucial trading period?


We can benchmark your rates across the market throughout the year:

  • What we can do to help you
We can survey your current customers and non-customers to answer:
What are they looking for when they buy currency?
What incentives will get them to your branches over and above rates?
What stands out as a good or bad customer experience?
  • Competitor analysis

How well are you delivering on your brand values or do your competitors do it better?
How does your proposition compare in the market?
How well is your strategy working?
What tactics might help you protect and grow your share of wallet?

  • Consumer research

We can survey your current customers and non customers to answer:
Who is your current customer?
Why do they buy from you?
Who are you not attracting and why?
What would it take to attract them?