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Ruth Connor
August 04, 2016

Why Are Holiday Makers Leaving Travel Insurance Behind?



30% of holiday makers didn’t “pack” travel insurance on their most recent holiday according to our latest survey.

With single trip travel insurance policies starting from as little as £5, why do holidaymakers leave travel insurance behind?


Our survey found that:

  • 21% were happy to take the risk
  • 12% said it was too expensive
  • 25% said it was only a short trip
  • 73% said the trip was only in the UK
  •  7% had a Euro Health Card
  • 1% couldn't get cover because of medical conditions

Young and care-free

For 18-24 year olds the figure was even higher, 39% didn’t have any travel insurance for their most recent holiday.

And the main reasons, well 41% said they were happy to take the risk, 29% said it was too expensive and 29% said it was only a short trip so they didn’t need it.

Cover for your staycation

71% of our survey respondents said if they were holidaying in the UK they wouldn’t normally purchase travel insurance. One respondent said “ I rented a cottage for a fortnight on the Lizard. I had a cardiac arrest 3 months before and couldn’t go. did not have insurance . Felt very ripped off by letting agency”.

Impact of Brexit

Back in July the ABI advised that Travel insurance policies and the European Health Insurance Card remained unaffected by Brexit.

Our survey revealed that . . . 

Only 26% of holiday makers believed that the Euro Health Card would provide them with enough cover should they fall ill whilst on holiday.


Younger travelers have greater confidence, with over 34% of under 45s believing the EHC would provide them with enough cover.


This confidence drops the older we get potentially because our health needs become more complex with age with just 17% of 65s saying they think it would be sufficient to cover their needs.


Despite the ABI advice earlier in the summer, it seems the Brexit vote has made holiday makers feel more uncertain as 44% said they were more likely to buy travel insurance to travel in Europe following Brexit.

This survey was conducted using our online market research community, ViewsbankContact us to find out how consumer insight can help you keep your unique competitive space.

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