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Michael Miskelly
November 28, 2019

The Power Of Brand Portfolios In Aggregator Markets


As a car insurance provider trying to win new customers you’re operating in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Especially if you’re competing for that business on a price comparison website.


But while some providers try to win by playing their Ace card – maybe a well-known brand with strong awareness and a keen price – others are playing a whole hand of four or five cards. That is, multiple brands or products strategically deployed and positioned to win a customer’s business.

So, if you’re asking yourself who is winning and why, part of the answer is found in watching the hands, not the cards.

The FCA’s recent market study endorsed price comparison websites as a model for fair competition and consumer choice. That means that winning in those marketplaces could be more important than ever.

Our latest research shows that nearly 20% of consumers shopping for car insurance on price comparison websites will be looking at a results page with the top 3 prices coming from the brands with the same parent company. It’s like choosing between a Magnum, Cornetto or Solero on a sunny day – each choice lead to a sale for Unilever.

In the coming weeks, through a series of articles, we will look at how brand portfolios are deployed and the advantages they offer in such highly competitive marketplaces.

We will cover these areas:

• Creating choice through product tiering and brand differentiation
• Maximising conversion potential through how brands are presented and priced
• Meeting consumer needs and compliance with IDD

Watch how the hands are played.

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