And what does being Marketing Director involve? 

I oversee our PR, Marketing and Product Development activities.

Marketing is a relatively new team at Consumer Intelligence so we’re busy developing and promoting our brand, and helping our clients get the most value from the insights we provide them.

One of the main ways we do this is via our weekly newsletter which goes out every Thursday. We collaborate with other teams to surface actionable insights that help our clients make business decisions. In fact, we recently won a Global Business Excellence Awards for Outstanding Marketing Campaign for our newsletter. This was a proud moment for the team to have our hard work recognised in this way.


Can you tell us about some of things you are working on at the moment?

Because of our 13 years’ experience in providing market and consumer insights, our clients and the trade press see us as a thought leader and often ask our opinion on changes or events impacting the markets we operate in.

For example: since the announcement about the reduction in discount rates, lots of people are asking us what we think is going to happen to premiums and if we are starting to see any changes in pricing strategy through our market benchmarking data.

Over the years, we’ve helped many of the UK’s leading insurance brands to add millions to their bottom lines by helping them develop their pricing strategies, providing not just data but the means to analyse it and be more agile as a result. We recently distilled some of our key insights into a whitepaper which we have been using to promote CI through an email and social media marketing campaign.


How would you describe your co-workers?

Collaborative, bright, hard-working and a lot of fun. And most of all they want to do the best job they can for our clients. The culture is reflective of the talent and personality from each and every one of us and how we collaborate together to make the business better .

What’s the best thing about working at Consumer Intelligence?

After the people, the flexibility for sure. Central to the way we work is this thing called ‘outputs only working’ which I had never come across before until I joined CI. Basically we believe that what’s important is what gets done and what gets done gets measured. We measure ourselves by our performance, results or output rather than by our presence in the office or hours that we work.

This means that each of us has the freedom to choose where, when and how we will meet our goals.

It also means there’s no set hours of work so it’s ok to come into work at 2pm as it’s not considered coming in late. And it’s ok to leave at 2pm as it’s not considered early.

So, we don’t talk about how many hours we work, we talk about what we are achieving and the part we are playing in working towards the company vision.

This way of working isn’t for everyone, but I love it. I live in Manchester so for most of the week I work at home but because collaboration is one of our key values I come to the office in Bristol once a week to catch up with my co-workers. We use skype and IM a lot to keep in touch but I like coming down to catch up in person as well.

This flexibility works for me as I don’t have a commute and for the first time in my career I can incorporate running, going to the gym, waking my dog into my working day which means I have a real sense of work life balance.

That said there is some structure, each Monday morning we have a start the week session and every Friday we review what’s gone well that week over bacon butties. Each month we have a Town Hall meeting where business updates are communicated and every quarter we have an all company meeting and social.

How would you summarise Consumer Intelligence in 3 words?

Open, agile and inclusive.


Outside of work you can find me…

Playing tennis, a lot of tennis. I’m Captain of a team and we recently got promoted so I’m putting the practise in now so I can take on the tougher competition in the summer!


Make a difference, join our amazing team

Consumer Intelligence is a company that delivers game changing insight to it’s customers. Part of that is built on our unique data. But a huge amount of the success is due to the amazing team of people that work here, all highly focussed on delivering commercial success to our customers.

Lots of companies talk the talk about “people making a difference” but at Consumer Intelligence we walk the walk. You can see what current and past employees think of working here at glassdoor

Feel free to drop a line to if you want to send a specualtive CV or check out our LinkedIn where we advertise our latest job opportunties. 


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