This week we have published our report on making customer experience count, giving a rundown of the 2017 Consumer Intelligence Award winners and how they have achieved success. 

The awards are based purely on what customers think. We asked tens of thousands of drivers and householders about what they think of the brands they have bought insurance from, in order to compile our top 10 companies in the UK across a range of categories.


You can download a copy of the report here: Making Customer Experience Count


In our experience, companies who win awards of this type are passionate about delivering a great customer experience and they make sure everything internally is lined up to do just that.


In total, 27 brands received awards and this year we also awarded our first ever Consumers’ Choice Award for the brand that featured in each of the 10 award categories.


From the analysis and customer feedback in our research we have identified some actions to help focus on and improve performance to become a winner in 2018:

  • Benchmarking, the practice of comparing your key performance metrics with those of industry peers or similar operations, provides an essential external reference.
  • This could be at each touchpoint in the customer journey as well as considering business wide measures - seeing how you compare to others around you gives a complete picture.


Making Customer Experience Count: Consumer Intelligence Awards 2017

This report celebrates the success of the award winning brands and looks at the importance of each of the categories in the eyes of the customer as well as how this impacts on the success of the business. It also highlights the key action points to help businesses improve their performance so that they can also be recognised and win an award next year.




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